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Thursday, August 15, 2013

George and Judy Bushlack

Today I am going to be in surgery all day.  While I am getting some much deserved rest (after all of this crazy house flipping business!)  I wanted to share how much these two wonderful people have meant to us through our lives.  Thank you Mom and Dad for your love and support through all of my life and David and my 21 years together!  We love you!

A few days ago I blogged about our 21 years of marriage and that although it has not been perfect, it is certainly my happily ever after.  Sitting in that audience as we took our vows that day were George and Judy Bushlack who before us had gone through the ups and downs of life together and became stronger and more committed with each anniversary that passed.

Blessing the food at Grand Central
I am their first child.  I gave them that first test so to speak.  I am not an easy one to live with (ask David), and they knew that but I also know that they loved me unconditionally from the beginning and since I was born only eleven months into their union, I pretty much got the privilege of seeing them work through everything from the beginning.  Believe me, I tested their resolve on many occasions and they loved me even more when all was said and done.  Because of that love my children are blessed in this generation.

Consulting on cabinet door hinges
There are many things that have occurred in the course of their life together that have proven their commitment to their family and to each other but I can't find words to say how much they have meant to David and I over past few months.  When the house next door to them went up for sale, with plenty of room for  our family to grow, it was a no brainer that we would see what we could do to pursue the purchase.  It is funny how many people say to us "you want to live next to your parents?"  After talking to them a few times, Dad and Mom said people ask them the same thing.  My answer is YES!  It may be strange in some families, but not in ours.

They have relentlessly been working helping us get our house ready to sell.  Dad with his "okay, what are we going to do today?" along with the wealth of knowledge from years of his own home improvement projects and Mom with her meticulous eye for detail, taking care of the trims and the paint detail.  I love these two people.  I appreciate them and I can't express with words what they mean to us.  So, I try here.  As I am hanging out with the doctors today, I am also expressing my appreciation for how they love us and the children.
These two have been in the trenches!

Thanks Mom and Dad - for EVERYTHING!  We love you!

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