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Thursday, February 19, 2015

O Daughter, Where Are You?

I don't normally take pictures of the backsides of my son's basketball team. This is just a giggle I had the other day at Ryan's basketball tournament. I enjoy sharing the funny.

I ran home between a couple of the games to grab lunch. Stacey likes to go to her brother's games and she grabbed a little something from the concession stand while I went home. I got to the high school again and looked for my daughter among the crowd and could not see her right off. I saw the two Marion team tables where the boys were hanging out with a few of the parents until the next game.

But Stacey wasn't anywhere to be seen. Until...I walked closer to the tables.

Look closely at this picture. Can you see the ponytail sticking out from the left side of the table? Yes, there was Stacey at the table with half of the basketball team playing iPod games! "Oh Mom, I didn't see your text!" is her answer to me when I found her.

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