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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Blanket For Matt

It was about a year ago that Zachary got his Mario Brother's quilt for his bed. Since then I have slowly been working on the other two for his brothers. After Zach's was done I regrouped and organized so I could work on both of them at the same time. My list of squares left to do (the ones circled are the ones I have done) are getting less and less and the goal is to have Matt's done this spring and Ryan's done by early summer. 

I feel a renewed zeal to get back to the sewing machine because there are so many other things that I have piling up. I want the quilts on the boys beds and not in little piles in my sewing room. Matthew is especially excited about getting it. He often comes up to me and says "Mom, when are you going to go down and sew? It makes me smile!

I have finished all but one of the squares for Matthew's and when his is together, Ryan's will only need six more which will go quick because I will not be doing two at a time. The piranha plant is the last one and then I will take a short break from piecing and get on to quilting. I am thinking next week I better have some space cleaned away in the living room where I can put the layers together. I can't wait to hand the blanket to Matt and see his face!

Just one of those little mom perks that I enjoy!

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