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Friday, February 21, 2014

Who Needs a Garbage Bowl? Not Me!

We knew, after three months there was no good place to put a garbage can in my kitchen.  Every area of the floor is in a walkway and the pantry has wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves.  We settled for a big can in the kitchen utility closet.

As trendy as Rachael Ray is with her "garbage bowl", after trying it for three months I have to weigh in on my original thought "why in the world would you dirty up another bowl just to put garbage in?"  Yeah, I still think that isn't my style. (Now, I could see a plastic grocery bag...that is what I settled for until last week).

Answer to the problem, find a wastebasket pull out with a door kit.  My wonderful husband installed this in an evening last week (after I went back and got the right sized pull out so it wouldn't catch on the hinges).  I am LOVING it!  Right there by my three main work areas is a pull out garbage and recycling can.  No dirtying up any extra bowls in my kitchen!

The best thing about it is that I got it at Menards for NOTHING!  I still have money left on a rebate from when we "flipped" the old house last summer.  We got 11% back on most of what we bought since they were running a rebate during that time.  I saved all of the receipts from the home make-over and sent them in.  I am still picking stuff up there for free!

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