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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Falling Back in "Like" With My Kitchen

After awhile when you are recovering for a long time with good days and some bad ones, you start asking yourself, "do I really feel that bad, or am I just used to being lazy?"  I have struggled with that the last month or so.  I am still recovering.  For a week now I have been "bandage free" with nothing binding or holding me together.  I can report more about my overall condition after my doctor visit in the morning.

For now though, the question has plagued me..."have I become lazy?"  Have I started choosing the easy things with the excuse of not being fully healed?  Judging from the way my family has reacted to the dinners this week, where the kitchen is concerned I have been doing very well!

Missing the grill in the middle of winter got me pulling out steak from the freezer and cranking up my broiler.  Wow...never have I had such success with my broiler and steak!  It was SO good!  With a little garlic spaghetti squash and a salad it was a pretty great meal.

I pulled out about four pounds of ground beef one night earlier in the week and came up with a great recipe for gluten free meatballs.  I have never had much luck with meatballs.  They usually turn out crumbly and not round.  This time, I put them in muffin tins and they held their shape quite nicely.  The kids ranted and raved about them and they were a hit!

I was able to serve one batch and had three more batches to put away into the freezer so that I can use them for other yummy meals.  I love quick solutions for dinnertime!  Tonight I had some extra time because I didn't have to do the piano lesson run so I took out some gluten free pie crust and a regular pie crust from the freezer and made mini blueberry turnovers.  Served two with a scoop of ice cream and again, super mom!

There has never been a real love for cooking or spending time in my kitchen, but I do have to say, after these last couple of weeks, I am definitely falling back into "like" with cooking and baking.  It has definitely been fun to do it in a new kitchen!

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