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Thursday, February 6, 2014

You are Invited...to Kindergarten!

Guess who got some mail last week?  Matthew that's who!  My child who has been waiting for YEARS for the elementary school to invite him to come and spend each day with them!  Guess who has told me consistently since he could talk and knew that his siblings went to school every day?  "Mom, when I go to school I won't miss you".  
Nice...just what a mom wants to hear.  I know that he is excited to think about school coming up in some form next year but I am in no big hurry to shoo him out the door.  He has a late birthday (two days before the cut off) and he is ready for school.  But, he still cuddles and he still comes out of his room each morning with sleepy eyes ready to take on the day...slowly, in an hour or two.

Again, here I am with number five, pondering the big transition for another one of my sweet loves! As his dad says "He will do just fine".  Perhaps it is me that I am most concerned about!

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