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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cancer Files: Patience is a Virtue and I Guess I Need Some More

I arrived early at the doctor's office this morning knowing that there was a little area of concern to discuss.  Sure enough I heard the famous words of my surgeon as he turned to his nurse and said "go get a kit".  That means that there is a little procedure he has to do where he opens up a spot and drains fluid off of the healing wound.  Kinda like three steps forward and two steps back.  It is only a little smaller than a dime spot so maybe this time it is only one step back.  Hey, progress is progress right?

I have been on antibiotics all week so there is no infection to deal with, just another delayed area of healing.  As you can see, my new bottle of packing strips got to ride alongside my coffee this morning as I was on my way from the doctors office.  I have learned that it needs to be held upright because if it rolls around in the car, the bleach liquid will leak out and leave a bleach spot on the van carpet.  Ask me how I know if you need to.  

There is an upside to this.  Actually, I have thought of two.  First of all, there has been so much done with that area of my body that there is absolutely no feeling whatsoever in the area the the doctor opened up this morning with his little pair of surgical scissors (they always come in the "kit" nice and sterile and ready to use).  He paused for a second after he started and turned to me and said "this doesn't hurt does it?"  Ahh, No.  Can't feel a thing!

Another plus to packing again is that I get to have a bandaged area on the right side.  This means that there is a little extra stuffing on that side and so I will look a little more symmetrical while I am healing.  Don't ask me what he is going to do with the mess that I see when I look in the mirror, but he says I will be happy in the end.  This skeptic will be waiting to vote on that outcome when I see some results.  Healing is the most important thing and it is sometimes a long process.

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