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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day...Not for Us!

Life moves so fast!  So fast in fact that my Christmas door banner was still up until today.  Today is the day that I finished my January banner and eventually I hope to have something fun and different to decorate the door with each month.  I am just not sewing as fast as I would like.

It is ironic that today is the day that my "snow day" banner goes up.  I have told the kids that growing up, my school rarely if EVER had snow days.  All of the schools in the entire area surrounding us could be out for a snow day and students from Marion Independent School District would still be going to school.  (most days walking five miles both ways up hill!)

Since moving into the new house (and my former school district where I grew up), the kids have experienced four snow/cold weather days where they have stayed home.  (So much for my story!) I got up this morning after a night of driving around town in blizzard conditions taking the kids everywhere they needed to be and found that school would be delayed for two hours.  I was glad actually because my kids need some more sleep.  They have been entirely too crabby lately!

I left them sleeping and whipped up some chocolate berry scones in hopes that they would be done and ready to eat by the time the first child would be up making their way out to the kitchen.  That goal was reached and after the initial panic of "why didn't you wake me up Mom, we are going to be SO late!" and the assurance that it is a late start, we enjoyed some extra time together.

Slowly, I watched all of the surrounding schools change from late starts from cancellations and true to the MISD form that I was used to, my kids went to school.  They were actually glad that they would have one less day in June to go to school than their friends around them.

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