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Friday, January 24, 2014

There's No Place Like Home

Matthew wanted to treasure hunt A LOT today!  In the last couple months since moving to the new house we call it a treasure hunt when we go out to the garage to find something that we haven't seen since we moved here.  Matthew kept saying "I need to go find some of my toys out in the garage"!
I have to say, I opened and emptied at least 6 or 7 boxes today.  I was excited to open a few boxes with surprises too.  Matt and I got to play the Ladybug game, Trouble and Chinese Checkers.  We found all of our books to fill the empty shelves on the bookcase in the living room.  It was a great day!  

My favorite couple of finds for the day is my "Taste and See" plaque for my kitchen which I was starting to wonder about since I hadn't found it yet.  I also found all of my family picture frames.  I hadn't had them up in the old house for a couple years because we were trying to "declutter" the house.  I got updated pictures in frames and now they are up on the wall.

It is certainly beginning to look a lot more like home around here and that really can boost morale and get me encouraged to continue hunting for more treasure.

I was also able to go through the piles of paper that had started overflowing on my desk.  It is nice to be able to see the desktop again!

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