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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cancer Files: A Look in the Mirror - Is It Vanity if I Don't Like What I See?

I was working on our budget at my desk this afternoon.  I have made myself a "sitting down to-do" list since I am taking it easy this week.  I came across this copy of our budget from 2001!  It wasn't the numbers or the categories on the budget sheet that caught my attention, it was the little penciled note that was written in the margin.  "May 29th Hocking 1:00 5/29".

It looks like I was working on the budget back in May too, the day I made the appointment for the missed annual checkup.  While I was on the phone with the office, I grabbed the closest thing to write on to jot down my appointment time.  May 29th 1:00.

That was when this all started.  The day of the mammogram.  As I stood looking at myself last night after my shower, I have to say, it takes some getting used to a double mastectomy.  It feels like with each "procedure" I look less and less like the person I was.  It is okay, but there are moments of grieving.  I am not sure what to think currently of the 12 stitches across my chest and the fact that as a seamstress myself, there are spots that look an awful lot like puckers that my mom always told me to "stop and take that out, we don't want it to do that".  I know that everything will be okay, but on some days the burden feels a little heavier in my heart.

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