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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Keeping Warm

We had another stay at home day yesterday.  You can't call it a snow day because it really wasn't.  It was a "temps way to low to go to school day" I guess you could call it.  No one was really thrilled about getting out the puzzles so I just got one out to do myself.  I happened to pick Zach's 300 piece puzzle he got for Christmas because if my plan could work, he would be puzzling with me before I knew it!

Zach works on a Skylander
Matt works on a 24 piece ABC puzzle
Dawn and Ryan work on Mario

Sure enough, just opening the box got him interested and we worked together with Stacey and did the puzzle.  Not only did those two join me, but Ryan pulled out his Mario puzzle that he got for Christmas and after organizing the few border pieces that he had put together, he was well on his way to getting his done too.  Matt joined us with his 24 piece puzzle to fill the whole table.

Before the day was done, there were seven puzzles complete four were 100 pieces, one was 24 pieces, One was 300 pieces and one was 550 pieces.  There is still another 500 piece puzzle in progress that I am sure will be done over the weekend.

It was a nice way to spend the very cold day!

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