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Friday, January 3, 2014

Can YOU Roll Your Tongue?!

I was looking through pictures yesterday and found some from our trip to Gatlinburg that I thought would be fun to share.  Matthew was a little young for some of the things that they had to show us at Ripley's Believe it our Not.  One thing that he found funny and turned out to be good at was the exhibit about rolling your tongue.

Dawn was standing there reading the information and watching a video about how to do it.  Matthew was copying her as he watched her try to roll her tongue.  It took a few tries, but he was able to do it.  Now I see him doing it all of the time.

I never knew that it was that difficult.  There are other ways to roll besides sideways like we are doing, and we have tried these but the sideways roll is the only one we have mastered.  We decided to stick with what we know.

Definitely a silly way to pass the time, but we are silly sometimes and it is all good!

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