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Monday, January 6, 2014

Arts and Crafts Time!

The boys decided on Saturday to get out some crayons, color books and workbooks on the island in the kitchen and get creative.  For Zach that basically means getting out his Grade 2 Brain Quest workbook and doing worksheets!

For Matt it means drawing apparently.  I present to you his first work of art holding his crayons semi-correctly.  Matt has the same problem that his big brother Ryan did.  He can not seem to figure out how to hold his pencil or crayons to get any pressure to write or color or draw.  Ryan eventually got better at it about half way through alternative kindergarten and I know Matt will too.

Imagine my surprise when I went to look at the next page of a crochet pattern I was doing and was missing a page.  The pattern had fallen on the floor next to my recliner.  I traced my steps until I was completely stunned about where that page could have gone.  Thankfully, I had pinned the pattern so I went to my computer and reprinted that page.

An aside you say?  Did that last paragraph sound like it had nothing to do with the blog opening?  Well, it does because when I went to get back working, I was interrupted by a cute little 4-year-old who had a picture to show me.  He had found what looked like scrap paper laying on the floor and went to work on the "good" side - you know, the side with no writing and drew a picture!

The missing page of my pattern will now forever be kept in the "Matthew files" as his first piece of artwork.  I love how he makes little people like his big sister Stacey did, with a big head and no body.

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