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Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy 7 Year and 44 Day Birthday to ZACH!

Today is exactly 44 days after Zachary's 7th birthday.  Because of the summer schedule we have not been able to celebrate with our family at Grandpa and Grandma's until today.  It amazes me how Zach has grown and everything we have gone through to get to this milestone.  Not his 7th birthday, but his ability to understand that it is okay to celebrate him even when it is 44 days past his birthday.  He would not have been able to have a "belated" birthday party and "roll with it" so well a couple of years ago.  The only thing that gave us a hint that he may have been a little uncomfortable is that he kept reminding everyone that it wasn't his birthday, it was his birthday party day.

I love being his mom.  There were times there in the beginning when I didn't know if I had the tenacity to handle such a huge responsibility.  I am a little off my game this summer and letting too much Wii going on with everything else happening.  Today though, sitting on the swing with him in the back yard in the coolness of the afternoon we shared some stories and some thoughts and I knew that we are still on track.  As he added / multiplied with me how many cans of black beans we needed to feed 31 people their black beans and rice (his favorite meal) it is easy to see that bright mind and sweet heart.

I am so looking forward to celebrating him as much as he will let me!

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