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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Little "Normal" Please

Just when you think that things are settling down, surgery is over, and you are starting to feel better (so much so that you try a night with no pain meds - oops!), you do what your husband asks and call in to the doctors office to find out the pathology results.  See, they told us last week that they would normally have the results by Friday but since the 4th was Thursday we would probably not hear until Monday.

When David got home, he asked me the first question he asked me yesterday "did you hear from the doctor"?  I had to answer no since I hadn't realized that the day had slipped by and no phone call had come. He asked if maybe I should call and check if they forgot to call.  So I did.

The nurse put me on hold to check and came back to inform me that some cases are sent down to the University to get their input on the results.  Hmmm...no matter how sweet you make your voice sound, that still didn't sound that good to me.  So, now we wait a couple more days.  Wonder what the future holds.

Meanwhile, we are doing things around here that are as normal they can be.  For example, today I knit the very last stitch on the border of the afghan I have been working on for 2 years!  It is now folded over the back of our couch ready for the cold weather and chilly people to grab it and snuggle.

For another normal thing, my daughter pulled out my son's front tooth.  (She can be accredited with the extraction of both of his front bottom teeth too, some kind of talent I guess).  On top of all of that we looked at a house last night and wow, it would really be nice to have space.  I called our realtor and she is going to come out and talk with us about our little slice of heaven and how to make it more appealing for a family who would actually fit in this house.

For now, I distract myself with a new afghan pattern and fun yarn, a sleepover with one of my girls' best friends and the Saige American Girl movie viewed for the first time.  It is the little things that keep the normal in our lives!

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