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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cancer Files: Happy Independence Day!

I heard the fireworks from my bedroom tonight as I was laying here thinking about how wonderful it is to be on this side of surgery.  It was a long day yesterday and I am still pretty drugged up today.  I don't doubt that the pain meds will be part of my days for a few more yet.  Every time I get close to the six hour mark I am able to tell that the reason I am so comfortable is because of those pills.  For today, that is okay.

I have to say thank you to my friend Cindy for sending me The Crossing in honor of July 4th.  My dad was able to read it while he and David waited for surgery to be done yesterday and now today I got to read it too.  I have been dozing in and out through out the day and have felt very taken care of by my amazing husband!

I also thank my sister-in-law, Michelle for the chocolate that I DON'T have to share with the children!  So far I have eaten four pieces and they are divine!  I have to thank my mom and dad who have taken the kids yesterday and today so they were able to go see fireworks and spend time with their extended family celebrating with sparklers and a bonfire!  I am glad that they weren't stuck at home while all the fun was going on elsewhere.  I am looking forward to them being home tomorrow though to snuggle with and hear about camp and all of the other things that have gone on in the last few days.

Happy Birthday America!

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