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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Survivor Files: Chemo #4 - DONE!

I have a confession to make...I have been fearing that I am losing some of my ability to write my thoughts down coherently. I have skipped a few days. Mainly because I have been feeling bad and don't like how those thoughts often come out on paper (although one of my goals is to be honest and share honestly). Sometimes the sentences don't come together...like maybe chemo fog has set in.

Maybe the way to overcome this fear is to just type it out and see how it sounds. Today was chemo day #4. The girls were going to come with me and I wish that they could have but then it ended up being picture day at school and so I told them to go to school. That left me going to chemo by myself. And that isn't bad. Obviously, a different dynamic because it is just me interacting with the nurses who are always so great!

Hand massage today again which I love...I wrote awhile in my journal, caught up with my Dice with Buddies games and crocheted a couple rounds on a new hat. Oh...and my HAT! I was torn this morning about what to wear because Betsy and her mom had blessed me with a couple new outfits at her LuLaRoe party a couple weeks ago. (talk about comfy!) But, since I was going by myself and I had just finished sewing this fun new hat, (see the picture) I went with the hat and my most comfy pair of blue jeans. Got lots of compliments, that lifted my spirits for sure!

The last couple of steps to the pattern didn't really make sense to how the hat is supposed to look so I improvised and I think it turned out good. I will have to write a post one of these days about my observations going out with my wig vs. a hat or scarf. I am more comfortable usually in a hat or scarf because it is not as warm as the wig, but the reactions I get from strangers in public is totally different. We will save that for another day.

Nothing really to report, other than it was a peaceful morning and I am THRILLED that I made it (or I should clarify...I am making it) through the roughest stuff. The next 12 weeks starting on October 11th will be one drug and the side effects will be different. I think I mentioned before that the main concern for this new drug will be neuropathy. Losing feeling in my fingers and toes first. They want me to keep them posted on the littlest changes. It is a cumulative thing so week by week could change. And, some people can have permanent issues. So, there is a prayer for the prayer warriors.

I do think that with my level of crochet and knitting, I could keep doing that without feeling it, but I certainly don't want to. One other thing that my nurse told me is that some have a reaction to the first time or two they get this drug. The nurse will be monitoring me for the first half hour or so. If I was to have a reaction they know exactly what to do but I may not want the girls to come until week three or four til we see how I handle it. David said he is my date for October 11th. I am glad, we have gone through a lot together. So reaction or no reaction he is my first choice.

So specific prayers:
  • Miraculously NO neuropathy (lets pray BIG!)
  • No reaction to the new drug 
  • PRAISE...Ryan asked to see my bald head for the first time and gave me a thumbs up!
  • PRAISE...great conferences for the children last week!
  • PRAISE...ONE teenager has a learners permit (we celebrate every one if it is only one today!)
  • Please pray that two more teenagers will pass the test this week...this whole permit thing is turning out more stressful than I thought it would be. (a little more emotional) But I understand.
  • Please pray that these last two weeks of the double whammy drugs will work their way through me without too much interference.
  • Please pray that I will rest...somewhere in my schedule. I need to get back to my afternoon nap for a few days.
  • Pray that the new eye ointment will help my overnight dry and tired eye problem.
  • Praise for the book of Ephesians and the new fall Bible studies!
  • PRAISE that the flood in CR has not been as bad as they were predicting. David may be back in his office tomorrow to get things back up and running!

"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throught all ages, world without end. AMEN"  Ephesians 3:20-21


  1. You DO rock that hat!!! :)
    Praying for all!! Love Sandie

    1. Aww, thanks...I do feel good wearing it! :)

  2. Love that hat. You could sell those. I like the scarf and hat better also. You can mix and match. I am going to walk the Making Strides race. I am going to have a sign with your name. I am so proud of your spirit. Prayers to you this coming week.