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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Little Cross Country

I had a busy day yesterday including a dentist appointment, a massage at the clinic (which did wonders for my arm and shoulder that has been fighting this infection). I visited with a friend in the afternoon in my living room for some down time too.

Marion was running at my favorite cross country course after school and this meet the high school would be there too. So, my mom, sister, niece and friend jumped into the van and drove up to Center Point. I donned my long sleeve shirt and brimmed hat (it was sunny) and we tootled on up to watch Ryan (middle school boys) and Bri (varsity) run. I also got to see the middle school girls before we left.

I think it was the strongest I have seen Ryan run and I am so proud of him. He keeps working and taking a little more off his time. It is also good for him in basketball season keeping up his endurance. You can really tell during basketball season which boys/girls also run. I love the Center Point course because there are so many good places to cheer the runners on without having to move too much. For me these days, that is a huge plus.

He was the fifth Marion finisher in the 7th/8th race. Varsity girls took first place in the meet, they have an incredible group of runners! We are proud of them all!

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