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Monday, September 5, 2016

Some Good Ol' Fashioned Hard Work

Although I have been lacking energy over the holiday weekend, things have been getting done around here. I am proud of my family for taking on the great task of pulling up the poles that held the clothes line in our backyard. I tried the first year we lived here to use it and it was definitely doable but putting clothes out on the line just hasn't become a habit of life for me. I guess I still love the conveniences of modern life.

We have had one "bonfire" party here this summer with the teenager friends, and their birthday is coming up so in order to prepare the backyard, I suggested taking down the clothesline so when it gets dark we won't have kids running through the yard getting hung up in the clothesline.

Well, one thing I can say about our house and the man who built it is that there is no shoddy workmanship anywhere! (Including the installation of the clothesline.) I took my spot to watch as the rest of the family took on the task of the day.

I didn't get out in time to get a picture of Zachary unscrewing all of the bolts that held the "T" bars into the ground but I hear that he did a magnificent job getting that part of it done. Once David sprayed them they came right out. I always love when there is a "not so tough" part of a job so that the kids of all ages in our house can lend a hand!

Ready with long pants and safety glasses, Stacey started working on the cement piece with Grandpa's borrowed sledge hammer. Dawn took a turn later as well and it was coming off pretty well until they hit the rebar! Ugh...we were all secretly hoping it was just cement to contend with, but no such luck this time. David and Dad worked on trying a couple of different things to speed up the process but there really isn't anything besides old fashioned hard work. Long after the kids gave it their all, David was out trying to bust as much of it away as possible. There is still more work to do on it, but we will keep at it. After we buy Grandpa a new sledgehammer (which is so far the only casualty of the project I have to report).

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