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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Taste of Parenthood

We had a new member of the family for an overnight visit last night. Stacey named her Addylin. The first of three eighth graders in our house brought home "the baby", and to think we get to do this two more times this year!

Stacey had her little overnight area set up in the living room and didn't want anyone else to do anything in case we might bounce her too hard or cause anything else that would take away from her grade. (She has always been a little nurturer and I am glad she was able to smile this morning when she turned the baby back in).

The evening was difficult and one of my favorite quotes I heard from her was "Mom, how did you do this with three babies?" I decided I kinda like this assignment. There was one time in the middle of the night where the baby ate for 45 minutes! I just nodded and smiled.

I believe that Dawn will be our next "overnight parent". Ryan's turn will come later in the year. Good life lessons.

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