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Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Long Time Coming

There was a restaurant in town that Ryan used to love to go to until it closed down awhile back. It was Green Leaves. In it's place a new restaurant opened called Mandarin Spice Asian Grill. Ever since it has opened (well over a year or more) Ryan has said we should have a special date and try it out. He and I drove to church together this morning just the two of us because we needed two vehicles and he suggested lunch together after church. That sounded great to me! 

Checking with David and the rest of the plans for the day, it looked like it was going to work. The triplets were being celebrated at Grand Central tonight and Dad and the girls had a plan about what was on the menu so we got to finally go on our date.

It is fun to spend time one on one with each one of the kids. We hashed over the party last night and talked about the high lights. The discussion was just high lights and hearing about it from Ryan's point of view is always a treat. I have never been a 14 year old boy so I like hearing his thoughts. They have sushi at the Mandarin Spice so Ryan picked a couple he had never tried before. There is nothing much better than teenage conversation over sushi!

We were surprised at how much sushi came out on his plate. Most sushi he has had comes with six pieces and here each roll came with eight!  He wasn't expecting that much. But, because he didn't want me to miss the experience, he gave me a couple bites of the "new" rolls he ordered. He traded once but told me that I could just have some because he had plenty. He actually boxed up six pieces and told me he was going to take them for lunch tomorrow! (I told him as long as he made sure he put in an ice pack!)

It sure was worth the wait. He was more than happy with the "new" restaurant and we think the rest of the family might like it too. The booths are probably big enough to fit our whole family which was a big selling point and who can argue about eight pieces of sushi instead of six!

Sometimes around here we have to fit things in when they work into the schedule. Impromptu can be really nice!

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