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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Down Time With a Classic

Dawn and I spent some time on Labor Day watching a few movies. I was thankful for the company since I wasn't feeling the best. She has been more willing to "try" watching a few of her mom's favorites to see if she can appreciate the good entertainment of previous generation(s). I say generations because many of my favorites were introduced to me by my mom. She gave thumbs up to "It Happened One Night" just last week and also liked "Move Over Darling" with Doris Day and James Garner.

It started earlier this spring when we hung out at my parents' one Sunday night when there weren't any other families in town. Mom and I introduced Dawn to "Sense and Sensibility" and she fell in love with it. That night I borrowed Mom's copy of the A&E version of "Pride and Prejudice" which is a two DVD set.

Because of the length of the movie, we hadn't had a chance to watch it. Labor Day afternoon we found "Sixteen Candles" on Netflix and we watched that one. I can't say that this was ever one of my favorites, but it was the pop culture of my growing up years. After that was finished, I remembered the "Pride and Prejudice" that we still had borrowed from Grandma. I told her it was long but I was game if she wanted to start it. The rule is we watch for 10 minutes and if she doesn't like it we can stop. (We have yet to stop a movie that we start which makes me smile).

Unfortunately, we had borrowed the movie "God's Not Dead 2" from Sy and Betsy and planned to watch it at a family in the evening to end our long weekend. I don't mean unfortunate in that it was bad, because we really enjoyed watching that one too. The only problem was, we ended "Pride and Prejudice" after the first DVD because we didn't have time to finish before family movie time started.

For any of you who have watched that particular version of the movie, the first DVD ends as Darcy walks out after admitting he has loved Lizzy since he met her and she rejected his offer of marriage. Dawn was beside herself not being able to see the rest of the movie but I loved that she loves it! She had to sleep and go to school before we could get back to the story today.

When she got home from school she did a few chores and was ready to put in DVD two. We finished it up after she was done babysitting tonight and it certainly did not disappoint. She watches movies like this like some people watch ball games. She jumps up and cheers or crouches behind a pillow with the "daunting" music starts playing.

I am glad for these times of bonding. It has been a rough couple of days this time around as I have felt for the first time in my life this kind of fatigue that won't let me complete any one task, no matter how small without needing a rest. It is hard after a day or so to remember that these are cycles and that my body will build strength up again. While I am struggling with strength, it is nice to have distraction.

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