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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Give Me An "M"

This was us, seven years ago, still in the hospital new and still not much more than acquaintances. The beauty being mother to my children is not so much the newborn baby, but getting to know them as they grow and become the people that they were made to be.

Matthew and I have talked about his first few months and how it was hard for him to get used to the world. I had to intervene in the hospital his very first day because I could tell the nurse who was taking care of him was getting annoyed with the fact that he came out crying and just didn't stop.

I remember later in the afternoon when Grandpa came to visit and Matthew finally settled down in his arms while we visited. Those days and months in the beginning are but a memory today because I look at the boy he is today and how many of my days he has brightened. As of late he has become interested in Pokemon characters and the stories and I told him I wasn't going to be able to make him a Pokemon cake because I am not that good of a cake maker. I asked him if there was anything else that he would like on a cake to celebrate at Grandma and Grandpa's tonight. He wasn't thrilled to have to think of something else but he finally said. How about a blue cake with a big "M". So a big "M" it was.

We will keep celebrating as his birthday is tomorrow and then there are sisters and a brother to celebrate on Tuesday. It is what is known as "birthday week" at our house. Four birthdays in two days time. I am sure some may say "chaos" but I like to call us blessed.

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