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Monday, January 26, 2015

Survivor Files: Recovery Update - For Real

Okay, I admit, yesterday's update wasn't really a recovery update, more like what I my hands are busy with. So, how am I really doing after a week?

Fine I guess. Thursday was my post-op appointment and things looked very good. They had to reconstruct my abdominal wall with new mesh because there were a couple of places that were bulging. Everything looks good there. On top, there some adjusting to make me more symmetrical and a few finishing touches that most probably don't want to hear about.  Lets just say, it will be good to look more normal. Some liposuction of a spot that has been storing fat strangely. Hopefully, that will make fat stop gathering there. We will have to see.

On Thursday there was a lot less fluid draining from the abdominal drain but not enough less to take the drain out yet. Bummer. Of course by Friday, it was on track and the drain could come out. Yes, I did go back with the help from my mom to get there. I love not having the drain and I love that I got to go in before the weekend to get it out.

The first week of recovery was so great! I owe a lot to my awesome family. They are working together well and I even had some 12-year-olds making dinner a couple of nights. Now, if I can just get them working the laundry. No one seems to like to do that around here! I can't lift and bend to move the clothes around. Yesterday I offered to sit and fold clothes while the tv was on and I got a few helpers. That was nice. I may have to see if I can get some more group folding sessions.

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