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Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

Our kitchen is wonderful. I was so impressed with the cabinet space and the size of the room when we first looked at it. It is one of the reasons I love the house. Being built in the 90's there are brass fixtures everywhere.

Here is what 100 cabinet handles look like!
Speaking of brass...there was something about the kitchen design that has always made me wonder what the builders were thinking. There are 100...yes, 100 handles in my kitchen! The lighting is great in there which is another thing that I loved when we looked at the house. The only thing is, when that much light shines on that much brass, the kitchen is very shiny!

So, while many people around the world were celebrating the new year, I went to Menards with Stacey (who loves to go with anyone who is leaving the house) to take advantage of the 15% bag sale this weekend. The Menards in Marion had 9 of the 10 packs of handles that I had picked out in brushed nickel and so we had to take a trip to the SW side of town to get one more.
A Little Fun In the New Year!
I rang in the new year with a screwdriver and a lot of twists of the wrist and changed out 100 cabinet handles at the end of 2014. The 
change is amazing! No more shine of brass and it is a great improvement. Not only are they updated, but the handles we picked are not overly fancy and I think that they will weather many updates to come.

I love how the glass cabinet looks with the new
handles. Much better than brass!

One thing I did notice as I went from cabinet to cabinet was how I had neglected the fronts of the doors and drawers. A lot can drip down the front and get caked on so one of my jobs for next week is to scrub down the cabinets. I also need to start keeping an eye out for sales on flooring. There is going to be a lot of that  needed too and we have so many places where the linoleum is pulling up that some family members have tripped.

There were three of the handles that weren't lined up correctly so David worked the drill and make the holes just a little bigger so that the new ones fit perfectly.

This may not be everyone's idea of a great new year's party but I had a ball sprucing up my place!

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