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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Survivor Files: Keeping Busy During Recovery

Tomorrow just may be my last surgery in this story. For those who have followed my journey through the mastectomy and reconstruction, you know that I don't sit still well. I am not a good patient. Patient being the concept I struggle with. It really helps me to know that I can accomplish something good while my body heals. So, I have plans for this time around.

When we purchased the house, the kitchen came with ten - yes, TEN stools that sit along the island in the kitchen and five that sit by the bar in the dining room. It was one of those little things that made us smile since we have five kids and all the houses we had looked at previously seemed to only have room for four stools. Don't think that the kids didn't notice that. They were thrilled the first time we came into the house and saw the vast number of stools...a place for everyone.

I love to see mauve in nature, the beautiful mauve flowers, and the different shades of mauve in the sunset. However, mauve on my carpet and painted in my kitchen along with the brass accents scream 1990's! And, to be honest, there is A LOT of mauve here even for the 90's! So, I was thinking about what I could use to recover the seats. I have looked at vinyl/leather fabrics and priced it out and realized that it will be a big undertaking.

It was then that I found on Pinterest a pattern for a crochet stool cover. I have a lot of cream colored cotton yarn (which actually match my valance over the kitchen window. I purchased a few brown/tan skeins and decided to go with the less expensive route for now and just cover the mauve for awhile.

With nine more covers to go, I will be productive while my body heals. That makes me happy! With yarn and hook all ready to go, I am off to finish the last three freezer meals and finish laundry before I am forced to take my break tomorrow!

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