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Monday, January 19, 2015

Survival Files: Recovery Begins

Mom told me yesterday that the comments and pictures I am posting on Facebook aren't accurately letting people know how things are going with me. I guess posting cute little pictures of Matt and I playing Chutes and Ladders isn't very informative. I do have to say though, he is cute! 

It has been a little more than I expected going into surgery and the amount of pain involved so far is well beyond what I thought it would be. Thankfully now after two days, I have a good combination of meds to keep movement tolerable. The only problem is, I am sleepy and unfocused. I have been sleeping a lot.

Not much to report on now, lots of dressings to keep an eye on and antibiotics three times a day to keep infection at bay. Last time around it was six weeks recovery and this time doc said he wanted me on 8 weeks of rest and he told me he would not do another surgery on me! So, I guess this is it...hope it works! Praying for healing and strength!

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  1. Thank you for posting!!!! Hugs to you and prayers too!!!