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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Survivor Files: One Year Ago Today

It was a year ago today at my annual check up (which has included a mammogram since I was 35) that my cancer journey started.  It was that mammogram where the microscopic cancer cells showed up well before the time I would have felt a bump or a lump in any form.

Here is why I know God's hand has been in this journey from the very beginning.  Since the birth of our 5th, my annual check up had been happening in November.  At my 2011 appointment I remember not being able to schedule out my 2012 appointment because of something with their computer system.  The nurse told me to call back in a week or two to get on the schedule.

Guess who was busy with life and forgot to make that appointment a year out?  You guessed it - ME!  It was around April last year when I realized that I hadn't had my check up back in November and I should probably call to get on the appointment book.
Me - May 2013

That brought me to May 29th and the mammogram.  The rest is history and if you don't know the history, I have chronicled a lot of it on this very blog.  Here is what I know (and the doctor has confirmed).  1. If I had been in during my original appointment time in November of 2012, these cancer cells more than likely would not have shown up on the mammogram.  2. If I had seen the doctor in November and nothing had shown up on that mammogram, I would have had my next appointment in November of 2013 at which time, the cancer may have formed a lump or spread to lymph nodes which would have been a much different treatment plan.

As it turns out, I have been in and out of surgeries for a year as the reconstruction heals but I haven't had to go through chemo.  I thought originally that radiation was required but after not getting it all in the lumpectomy and having to do a mastectomy, I was able to dodge radiation too.  I can't say that I love the whole results of a double mastectomy and a body that hasn't healed well and the emotional and metal healing is still in progress.

The truth is, there are two more surgeries to complete the actual reconstruction that have only just now been able to be scheduled because of all of my delayed healing.  I am telling you, it has been another year that will not be forgotten but it has been all good.  I like who I am better today by His grace than the person I was in that picture up there.  I love who He is to me today compared to who He was to me then.  It is a journey, one that I don't always enjoy, but another reminder that each day I wake up and move forward is a life of living miracles!  Happy May 29th all!  If you haven't had a mammogram in awhile ladies, sisters, friends, GO right now and schedule it!  It could save your life!

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  1. I love your perspective, Jody. I believe it is one that can only happen as we experience the reality of our Savior as we walk with Him through adversity. You have been a blessing through all of this and God has been glorified. Love, Patsy