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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bare Walls in the Hall Bathroom

Before - View 1
I have been trying to get over the hump of spending more time up and doing things in my day than I spend sitting and doing things.  Overdoing this past weekend a little isn't helping.  Matt and I got a slow start to the day and he watched an old video that he hadn't seen in awhile. (I think he was walking down memory lane because it is one he has more or less outgrown).

Before - View 2

Helping - Really Helping!
Yesterday I realized that the wall paper in the hall bathroom was going to come off a lot easier than we had originally thought it would.  As we were talking about moving in here and all of the wall paper that we would be dealing with, we heard HORROR story, one after another from others who have tried taking off wall paper!  I pulled off the top layer, sprayed water on the under layer and after about 3 minutes of letting it absorb in, it scrapped right off with my scrapper (I LOVE that thing!)

So, thinking that tackling the rest of the bathroom I talked it up for Matthew by saying we could do a REALLY fun job and surprise everyone by taking the rest of the wallpaper down.  He could stand right on the counter and spray water to his heart's content.  He was actually excited and very good at his job.  It was fun to have a helper, and a real help he was!  We got most of the wallpaper down that we could reach and he told me "Mom! Working is FUN!"  Let's hope he can continue that attitude because no one else under 12 in our house thinks working is fun!

There is a spot above the door and above the shower I couldn't reach without a stool and so that still needs to be done.  Matthew asked me how we would reach above the shower and I told him I didn't know yet, Dad could maybe rig something up for us to stand on since the stool would slip around in the tub if we put it in there.  Matt had a better idea.  He said "Grandpa is 65, maybe HE can do it for us!"  I giggled...and so did Grandma when we told her his plan when she stopped over to see the progress!  She couldn't help herself but to jump in and pull some off too!

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