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Monday, May 26, 2014

One Little Project Finished and FREE!

I am very excited that I was able to use plarn to make a little something for my clothes line.  Have I mentioned that I have been enjoying having a clothes line in my back yard in the new house?  I have had to wait awhile this spring for the weather to get nice enough to be able to put the clothes out on a regular basis.
My one problem has been running out of clothes pins and not having a way to transport them from the laundry room to the line along with the basket of clothing.  

It was last Thursday when I started cutting up plastic grocery bags to try this new project that I had been envisioning.  On Friday afternoon I bought more clothes pins and on Sunday afternoon I finished it.  I now have a clothes pin bag.  The materials were free to me!  I used an old baby hanger I have been needing to get out of the boys' room (along with the others) and used plastic grocery bags that were piling up in my basket in the pantry.

I think it was a great use of free material and I am excited to do laundry next week!

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