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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My New Diet

I heard something yesterday that after thinking about it most of the day, decided to make some changes.

The quote went something like this "The best diet you can be on is the one where you eat the things that you cook yourself."  The guy I was listening to made a lot of sense and I wished that I would have made note of who it was because then I could tell you who it was.  It was a random video that came across facebook and the title was more interesting than most to me since it got me to click on it.

I am going to start loving cooking - I have always tried to avoid it and now I realize that the food industry WANTS me to so that they can sell me their processed ready-made food!  So, I took the challenge that I felt after listening to some facts about the production of food and fast food requirements on farmers and decided to do some of the things I have avoided and see if it was as much trouble as I made it out to be in my head.

Pasta...I made lasagna tonight with homemade pasta...even a gluten free version for Zach.  The beautiful thing is, I started dinner at 4:00 and now at about 7:00, all are fed and the kitchen is cleaned up.  And, do I have to mention? It was SCRUMPTIOUS!

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