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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Super Mario to the Rescue!

Mario and Luigi are coming out my ears!  The boys are well on their way to having their Super Mario Brothers bedroom!  They are excited that last week we were able to put the Mario character clings they got from Auntie Chelle on their wall.
Giving Luigi a bath!

Now that my Christmas projects are done and I have an area set up downstairs for sewing and crafting, I have been working on Mario Brothers squares for the boys beds.  Over the last few days, Zachary has not gotten a lot of sleep and his ability to deal with frustrations and transitions has been less than stellar.

Yesterday since I can't lift him, I had to drag him by his feet to his room in the middle of a melt down.  If he gets to his room to take a time out it takes less than five minutes for him to get a grip on his emotions.  He just needs to be removed from the situation to settle down.  Today, I was working at my sewing machine and he lost it again.  Not being able to take him upstairs, his dad intervened and got him to his room.

About 10 minutes later when I got up to his room, he was ready to talk.  I am using some stick and wash away stabilizer to put the Mario blocks together and have about seven together.  I had brought them upstairs with me and told Zach I would love for him to help me give the Mario squares a bath and get the sticky stuff off so we can design and start sewing them together.  Zachary has been the most interested in the project the whole time so he gets the first finished quilt on his bed.

Of course, when Matt heard what we were doing, he wanted to get into the action too.  I love my laundry area at the new house.  I have never had a sink in the laundry area of a home.  We were able to fill up the sink and lay out the squares on a towel and get them pretty dry before hanging them.  It was so great.  The first seven are hanging to dry and I am pretty excited to get more done.  I just wish the sticky stuff didn't cost so much!

The funny thing is that I have had these seven done for awhile while I have been getting the next seven or so ready to sew together.  (Cancer, packing, moving...a few things have kept me busy around here).  I have been putting off soaking the squares because I wasn't sure how to do it and I can sometimes procrastinate when I get an idea that something is going to be a bigger deal than it really is.  Many times I have tackled something that was much easier than I thought it would be and then thought I was stupid for waiting so long to do it - same thing this time, you would think I would learn!

The Mario quilt has become my next project to complete.  I am definitely going to make it a top priority, especially with this great sink to soak and counter to roll & hang them dry.  My crafting doesn't have to take up any space in my kitchen anymore!  LOVE IT!

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