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Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Music" to My Ears

The house is filling up with music.  This is something that we have been looking forward to for many years.  The kids are filling up the house with music and it is great!  Christmas brought three new instruments to our home.

Ryan got an electric drum set.  He can follow along with a few of the rhythms that came with the program and does pretty well.  Everyone has tried it.  He is also going to start with the baritone in the 5th grade band when they go back to school.  He is hoping to get into the percussion as spots open up.  David did go out and pick up a couple of sets of headphones after the first day of playing.

Stacey opened up a new electric guitar.  She was very surprised to see!  I know she didn't expect it as you can see in her face!  Her dad is going to be giving her lessons.  She is excited to get started.

We also went out to West Music to buy books for the two beginner band students.  We walked out with a "new to us" clarinet as well.  Now Dawn is ready to get going on her music lessons.  She is making some pretty good sound from it already and has watched the beginner clarinet YouTube videos!

I am excited that it all hasn't all just been noise coming out of these instruments.  It is a new sound in our house, and I hope that it continues on for many years!

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