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Friday, December 6, 2013

A Piano Recital!

We missed the piano recital!  I am going through some pictures this morning and realize that I had big news to report for our three piano players!  The weekend we moved into the new house (November 2nd to be exact), Ryan, Stacey and Zach had their very first piano contest/recital.  They all did wonderfully.

What can I say besides they all did great.  They all got top scores on their contest pieces and then did well when they performed for us.  We have been scouring Craig's List to find a baby grand piano because in the new house we have the perfect place for piano practicing.  Since David and I both play too, that leaves only Dawn who isn't a pianist in the house.  She has her eye on a couple different instruments now though and she loves to use her voice!

Matthew has his pre-reader piano books that I have been working with him on and I know that he will jump right in with everyone when he gets a little bit older.  I love having piano players in the house!

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