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Friday, December 27, 2013

Five Pairs of Skates

It looks as though some work will finally be done in the garage!  We have been going through boxes and unpacking as we can in the last couple months.  Occasionally we have to dig in the garage for something, but for the most part, the garage hasn't been a focus yet.  I have been ready to dig in for awhile but with a surgery on the schedule and Christmas celebrating, it wasn't to be, at least not yet.

Move forward to Christmas 26th at Mom and Dad's.  The kids all got roller blades or roller skates from their cousins in the exchange.  Well, Stacey got a pair from her mom and dad but needless to say, they all have a pair.  I can't tell you how many hours have been spent down in the basement roller skating in the last couple days!

So far, no one has gotten anything more than some bruises and the little boys - wow!  They are getting so good!  No more holding on to the sides when we go to the skating rink the next time!  There hasn't been nearly as much time asking to play Wii, it is kind of cool.

Another great thing about the skates is that there seems to be an interest in tackling the garage mess so that the skating rink can move from the basement to the bigger garage!  I can't tell you how excited THAT makes me!  Indirectly I can get done what I can't do myself...move all of these boxes where their contents belongs!  I say a WIN-WIN situation for all!

Making progress

Still a ways to go

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