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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cancer Files: See the Pretty Colors!

It seems to have become quite the "norm" for David and I to spend time waiting in a pre-op room.  He with his phone, I with mine.  The usual suspects come in to check with us and get me ready for the surgery with the IV, the anesthesia, and the doctor with his dark purple marker (that leaves marks on me for weeks with ink that bleeds off on my clothing.)

This time was not unlike the others and thankfully, went off about as smoothly.  I was a little shocked however at the amount of bruising that I saw when we were able to get a good look at things when we got home.  The pictures are of different areas where he either lypo-suctioned to get what he needed to fill in the areas that were sagging, or they are pictures of areas that were sagging and are now filled.

All of these pictures could be taken with me in my swimming suit, so nothing is indecent here, just a little sampling of the different colors that can come from such a surgery.  Thankfully it is winter and I can cover all of these areas up nicely so David won't be questioned about his treatment of his wife!

There is a good bit of pain this time and one drain on the right side where he worked a lot on the infected spot to get it cleaned up and closed.  All and all, I know that I will feel good once again someday, but I am in that fifth/sixth day out and I just want to do something useful.  Roller coaster riding is my life this year.  For now, I will ride (I just can't raise my hands above my head for four weeks)

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