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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cancer Files: So You Had a Bad Day

I wouldn't call it the worst day ever by any means.  I stayed in bed sleeping until 11:30 a.m., then I got up and went out and sat in my recliner.  My wonderful husband brought me my warmed up breakfast and I ate it.  Before I knew it, he was handing me my lunch and I ate that too.  I sat there in that recliner until about 3:30 when I came out to the kitchen and planned some baking for the next couple of days and made a list of a few things that I need at the grocery store.

After we made supper and ate that, I spent a little time down in the vault wrapping a few presents.  Kids took showers and Stacey did some wrapping before I met the boys back in their bedroom for night time stories.  They got into bed and I was back in the recliner.

I do have to say that Zachary and I read three chapters of Charlotte's Web from that chair and Matthew and I snuggled while we watched some Clifford so that was no time totally wasted.  I am looking forward to spending some time in my kitchen baking tomorrow and Monday.

I am a week out of surgery and this recovery has been a little different.  The majority of the work was done on the top which means every time I move my arms I get pain across my chest.  It isn't that bad but after doing one or two small chores I feel like I need to sit down and let everything rest a bit.  I hate that!  I know I am feeling sorry for myself and I need to be thankful and I really am.  I am thankful that it is break and that all of my loved ones are here in this wonderful new house to spend time working and playing together.

I just want this recovery to be over, I am not very patient or a very good patient!

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