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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Work For Hire

Tackling the refrigerator

I have a board out in the garage as we come in from the van that has a section on the bottom labeled "Work For Hire". Anytime there is a bigger chore or job that is above and beyond the regular chores of the people in our home, it is posted along with the value of the chore and children can choose to make a little extra money if they want.

Say "NO" to moldy stinky food!

Today was almost like the twilight zone in my kitchen. I had to sit at the computer for much of the day catching up on emails, syncing calendars for the next few weeks, returning phone calls and filling out forms. Dawn and Ryan both were willing to do some work so I gave them some tasks that had not made it up on the board yet. Cleaning the refrigerator for $5.00 is what Ryan claimed and Dawn chose cleaning the stove and the freezer for $5.00.

Busy workers

For the first time in a long time the kitchen was bustling with energy. I sat and worked away as they accomplished things too, this time thoroughly and cheerfully. They seemed to learn that it isn't all that bad, especially when we are all working together and laughing and talking. Work can be fun.

Fully equipped and ready!

I did get some photos to mark the momentous occasion to pull out on those days I get frustrated. There was a good bit of food in the fridge that had been there for awhile and so Ryan learned first hand about disposing gross long neglected leftovers. I am not sure if the napkins clothes pinned to their noses helped at all but it did good to add a little extra drama to the afternoon!

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