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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Sleeping Arrangements

These are my loves...all five of them. They have been driving me crazy in all kinds of ways since 2002! Here they are after finally figuring out how they can ALL sleep downstairs on the pull out sofa bed. Now, let me tell you, their father and I purchased that sectional in 1995 when we moved to our first house in Flowery Branch, GA. It has been through MUCH...let's just leave it at that. The mattress is probably no longer able to be called such because when I sit down on the bed, I am basically sitting on the bars underneath. Not at all comfortable. 

The pull out part really hasn't been slept on that much but the sectional has been used and lived on for many years now. Some of my favorite memories of this sectional would include:

  • It was a great place to prop up babies who couldn't quite sit up by themselves yet.
  • It was a wonderful place to fall asleep while watching television or reading. I found it quite comfy when being up in the night with a sick child - MANY times!
  • It was a great place to sit a "big brother" or "big sister" as they tried for the first time to burp the new baby, or hold the new baby (or sometimes fall asleep with the new baby)
  • In the days when it was just David and I, it was difficult not to fall asleep during a movie we put in way too late. (especially if it was one that David picked out - I fell asleep every time!)
  • Auntie Chelle loved to sleep on it when she spent a weekend night at our house to help with "nigh-time feeding of triplets" duty.
  • This was one of our very first brand new furniture purchases.
I am sad now that it is banished to the basement with one recliner not working and a mattress that is as flat as a pancake! But, four out of the five of these children love to sleep down there on the pull out bed. Don't ask me why, they all have perfectly comfy beds upstairs, but they like to have a "sleepover" together in the basement. Strange. Ryan is the only child who won't give up his bed for the party going on in the basement. I don't blame him!

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