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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Love is an Open Door

I am a little out of the ordinary in some ways. I spend way too much time over thinking things. That doesn't stop me though from spending my time on things that I enjoy and having fun with it.

My example today would be the banners I am making for Kids Camp. I am going to be counselor for the first time. First Session I will have the PINK bunk and Second Session I will have the LIME GREEN bunk. Part of the bunk inspections I have learned is to decorate in some way based on the theme or something entirely different.

The Camp theme this year is "Chosen" a take off of the movie Frozen. You can imagine this creative quilting mind go crazy then when I saw the Frozen fabric at the store. I can afford a yard of each and I can certainly come up with something to decorate our bunk.

So here you have it:

Exhibit A: PINK bunk
Exhibit B: LIME GREEN bunk

I will let you know how we do with our decorating sense after camp! Oh...and if you are interested in these to use to decorate that special "crazy for Frozen" someone's bedroom, I am selling them after camp for $25.

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