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Friday, June 12, 2015

Make Hay (or Pull Weeds) While the Sun Shines

I was young when I remember sitting around the table at my grandpa and grandma's doing a crossword puzzle with Grandpa. He seemed a little disappointed at my lack of response when he read the question "Make ________ while the sun shines." I may have been in 3rd or 4th grade at the time and I didn't know what word filled in the blank.

I remember my mom saying that is something that all farmers know and then Grandpa explained that as a farmer he has to plan when to do which work. When the sun is shining, we "make hay" or get the work done when we can because you never know with the weather when you will be able to be outside.

Lesson learned. We haven't done much garden work these past couple of days because of the rain (and wow, has there been a lot of rain!) 

Wednesday Dawn went out for awhile but it was so hot she could hardly breathe. Last week was perfect though. We had been busy with end of the year activities and the weeds had gotten a little out of hand. After our time out in the garden though, we were able to find the carrots, beets and pull up all of the radishes that were ready to harvest. 

When we get back out there I am afraid we will have plenty more to do because looking out of the window from the dining room we are seeing how much the weeds love the rain! The good part of all the rain is that it won't take much at all to pull weeds out of damp ground!

Dawn made it her personal quest to rescue all of the volunteer tomato plants that she could. She enlisted her brother to help her plant some in the planters around the patio. When she ran out of planters she then asked her dad for the part of the garden where the radishes had been to replant the tomato plants so she wouldn't have to pull them up and "kill" them.

Imagine how many volunteer plants she will be tending when last fall her brothers and friends had a grape tomato fight in the garden the day after the first frost. There are little grape tomato seed EVERYWHERE! So the result? This spring we have little volunteer grape tomato plants EVERYWHERE!

I will be looking forward to the yummy salads and grape tomato snacks in the next month or two!

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