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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Week!

For Kid's Camp this year we are all packing up and going for a week of volunteering. Zachary will be a camper for the first session but other than that, we are going to serve. The problem is that we will be leaving the evening before Father's Day.

David will be taking some days off of work and holding down the fort at home. He has been working so much lately that some days of peaceful relaxation will be good for him. We went to the Outback to celebrate David and gave him a new drill. He has always wanted an electric drill that plugs in for those projects that need more power and so he can continue on his project even when his battery runs out and has to recharge.

We enjoyed the yummy food and found that not many of the kids were very hungry so now not only did David have a great meal, he has a lot of leftovers to eat from all week!

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