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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Boy Scout Camp

Ryan has been gone to scout camp this week and although other sibling type family members have insisted the don't miss him, I have been missing him! I had to laugh when we went out to camp tonight to enjoy a pot luck dinner with him and let him show us around the place. 

The triplets are so vocal about how much they annoy each other lately that when the three of them got together at dinner, you could tell they hadn't seen each other for awhile. They really were goofy.

We got to see Ryan's tent where he sleeps all week, the store, the pool, and other areas of camp where he spends most of his time during the camp days. He shared with me what merit badges he is working on and how he will finish up the tasks. 

Of course when the little boys saw the little shack that was the place where the boys in the tents went to the bathroom they both decided they had to use the facilities. It was all fascinating!

It was a warm evening but it was fun to see where he has been and what he is up to. Zachary and Matthew thought the weather rock was their favorite thing about camp and when Zachary realized his Cub Scout day camp was just down the road, he was pretty amazed.

Ryan will be spending the rest of the week here and on Saturday he comes home, unpacks, repacks and then takes off Saturday night to Kids Camp for church. He has kept this rigorous schedule before and says it doesn't bother him but I am sure that he will be tired when his head finally hits his own pillow located in his own bed a week and a half from now!

I am proud of the time that Ryan has put in pursuing his scouting goals. He is very focused and is having fun along the way. A mom is pretty blessed to have a kid like him!

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