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Monday, June 15, 2015

Managing Money

It seems like every time we are out and about and a kid says "hey Mom, just transfer money from my savings account into yours" when they want to buy something they see, they forget about it later when the look at the total in their savings account. I know this because I hear "what have you been doing with my money? I used to have [amount A] now I only have [lesser amount B]"
They don't remember how many times and how much they have told me to transfer for the different items that they have purchased and now could find stuffed under a bed or in a corner forgotten. There are two in particular that seem to be absent minded that way and so I have been looking for a system so they can see in front of them the things that they spend their money on.

I found many many options for ledgers and "check" registers that they can use and decided on this one. It has already been a learning experience as they have both made extra money and spent some that they forgot about. I have already found more peace in our discussions about their money and how much they have (or don't) have!

I made each one of them a book and now whenever they say "can you transfer..." I mark it in the book with the date and what it is for and they have a permanent record that no, Mom has not been sneaking your pennies out of your savings accounts.

It has been fun to see the light go off when they forget and look up the record to see that "oh yeah, I made extra money this week BUT I spent more than I made!" It is good lessons for life!

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