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Thursday, October 13, 2016

When We Don't Win Every Game

Last Tuesday night before I ended up in the hospital, I was able to go Matthew's soccer game. He makes me smile. This boy puts his heart into everything he does and I love watching him do something he loves. He loves to win, but who doesn't?

The evening games get a little dark as we move into fall and I was able to also see the sunset. It was a great reminder of the beauty around us when we just look for it. 

I hope that I can always remember to look for the beauty even as I teach my son that sometimes when you play awesome, your team doesn't always win. You can't let the fact that you didn't win turn you rude when people tell you that you played well. You need to be grateful and thank them for the compliment. It is a very rare team that wins every game. That is a hard one for Matthew but he is slowly learning.

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