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Monday, October 3, 2016

Surgery Day...

With ME as the surgeon! With the lack of energy lately, I decided today that I would work through this Monday with laundry and do a few things from my recliner that I have been putting off. If you have read along with me for awhile, you know that there is only one person on this earth that I darn socks for. Well, Zachary has been handing me a few and the basket by the recliner had three holey socks this morning. 

You can read more about darning socks here.

There were also three stuffed friends that needed "surgery" on various places that were coming loose. I felt like these small tasks were definitely doable today. I got two of my "patients" taken care of and recuperating nicely so all in all, I got some things done.

The "discharge" instructions to their care givers was as follows: DO NOT USE YOUR STUFFED FRIENDS AS WEAPONS AND THEY WON'T RIP APART!

There was a surprise that the mail carrier left me this morning that I am looking forward to sharing with you tomorrow, but other than that excitement, it was a nice quiet day.

The windows are open in my house right now and the cool feeling of fall is nice for me and my crazy internal thermostat. I didn't sweat very much today although I hear that there may be a little return of some warmer weather toward the end of the week.

For now, I will enjoy my cool crisp mornings and the cool fall sunshine coming in my windows. Tomorrow I may just get the laundry finished too!

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