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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good News/Bad News

So...bad news quick: there seems to be something growing in my port culture based on the 24 hours after the blood was drawn. That stinks, won't know til tomorrow afternoon what it might be but worst case scenario is the port will have to come out. I am praying that they can clean it up without having to remove it. I have been in the clinic everyday getting a large dose of antibiotic mixed in a liter of fluid and the fever is gone so that is progress.

Onward to the postives of this week (to be honest, I have been "counting my blessings, name them one by one" as a constant exercise to keep my mind off of my feeling crappy self)! So...Introducing my new Mom taxi!

Batman was my first passenger
 It is the same year as the dead Dodge that is sitting next to it in our garage and has more miles but we are going to go with the fact that everyone we know who have Honda Odysseys have driven their vans much longer than our Dodge lasted. It seats eight (so Auntie Chelle, we won't have to take two cars everywhere when we are together!)

And, we haven't had leather in a vehicle in 11 years so that is a treat for sure. It drives much more smooth and everyone is excited that the automatic door locks work on every door! (our auto locks went out about three years ago.) Budget wise, we were hoping to be able to drive our Dodge for another five years at least but after David worked hard on the resuscitation last week we realized that if the bank agreed to give us a loan, it would be in the best interest of our already stressed out household to look for something that could get us around.

I love David. He and Dad went up to Cedar Falls in pursuit of another vehicle and when that or any other on the lot didn't pan out, I started emailing possibilities as I sat home on my computer. When the text came "what do you think of red"? I was excited because as I looked at the pics on my computer, it was the one I was hoping would turn out to be a good choice. I said "I LOVE red, my Probe was red".

Not driving the red sports car anymore but I am loving my red mini van and my husband and dad for doing the stressful part of shopping for it. Over all it has been a very trying week for me and chemo (or what is causing the lack of getting to have this week's round) but there are some things I can't ignore that has made this week really good.

A huge thank you to the three people who brought dinner to us this week, Rachel Booms, Johanna Fentress and Nicole Doig. So many others have been wonderful and have been bringing meals. Thank you to so many friends who have sent a little something for my mailbox this week. I got a little something special this week every day when the mailman has come from my far away family and dear friends! I am amazingly blessed and I have learned if I can keep my mind fixed on these things then the horrible way I am feeling isn't dominating my life.

I told David just yesterday that this is much harder than I thought it would be. It is nights like this one when we find a movie that everyone wants to watch and we all sit in the same room for a period of time laughing at the same funny things and listening to each other's comments that make for huge medicine for this mom! I love my family and I am so thankful that this week is almost at the end.

I have learned to take one day at a time because if I try to ponder what is on the agenda for next week and if I will be able to handle it, it is too much. God it already there. I pray that my port will be too but He is in charge of that and so I will do today and let Him prepare me for tomorrow.

One weird "plus" I have found that is not quite what I was told to expect:

 I have never had such long fingernails all at the same time. Both hands...I was told my nails would chip and crack and maybe fall out. Hmm...not complaining, I will take it!


  1. Woo Wee!!! That's so much good stuff!!! 😊
    So happy you got a trustworthy vehicle! We had a Dodge Caravan. Got to "almost" 300,000 miles (and 11 years) before we had to part with it. The funny thing was it ALWAYS ALWAYS started. Put the key in and it would start but the rest of it was just falling apart! Good memories!! And I LOVE YOUR RED VAN!!! Hot Rod Mama!! Praying for the port and for more happy happy joy joys in your daily life!!! 😘

  2. Don't worry about the van! Mine was awesome and someone is still loving it with over 320k miles on it! Hugz!