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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pink the Rink

A goal in the first couple of minutes!!! Woo hoo!
Wow...a lot has gone on with us in the last week or so! Actually, the Rough Riders game was LAST Friday but it was a lot of fun. Ryan and Dawn were not able to go because of the marching band event at the football field (I was torn too because I would have liked to be there). At the last minute Johnse and Micah joined us in the suite which was fun. The kids loved going back for food and we finally had to give them a few limits.

The game started off exciting when the Rough Riders made a couple of goals in the first half of the first period. Unfortunately those were the only two they made and Chicago made five. It was a fun night. I mentioned in a post last week that I was worn out but it was nice to be worn out in a good way because we were able to have some fun.

During the game in between the advertisements there were pictures in the slideshow of those who are going through treatment right now. We could send a picture of us doing treatment, one of us before we started treatment or one with our family. I opted to send one of our family that was taken before my hair came out.

Then during the break between the first two periods they played a song and showed all of the pictures. The last period of the game was interesting with a couple of fights and at one point four players from each team were in the penalty box. I don't get all of that because then each team brought in three more players and they played those two minutes 4 on 4. We were all hoping that we would be able to see 1 on 1! Ha ha! Shows you how much we know about hockey!

I am thankful we were invited to join the group in the pink suite. I was sad last week that I wasn't able to attend the Strands of Strength fundraising lunch at the country club with my fever but glad that we could go to the hockey game. The week didn't look like I was hoping it would but it was still good. We had to make a rule on the way home because we all got pink cow bells at the door. All of the bells had to be put on the console between the two front seats of the van or it would be a long ride home!

Matthew was hoping to buy a kids Rough Riders jersey and knew how much money was in his bank account. The only downer of the  night for him was that they didn't have the kids sizes in yet and told us they would in a couple of weeks. I told him that I guess we will just have a date night in a month or so and bring his money and he could buy his shirt then. He is working on being patient with things and so it wasn't his favorite idea but later as we were talking he thought that would be great because that means we could go to another hockey game!

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