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Monday, April 13, 2015

Ready or Not Here Comes Soccer Season!

Soccer practices have started and soon we will be out in the frozen tundra of Tuma to watch four plus soccer games each weekend. I enjoy watching the kids' games much more than I imagined I would when Ryan first told us a few years ago "Mom, I think I would really like to try soccer." I did not grow up watching or playing soccer and it didn't seem that interesting.

Thankfully, Ryan has made it very fun and interesting most every game he plays. I really enjoy watching and it has gotten better year by year. The first year I did not enjoy Stacey's games. Girls seemed more social than actually interested in playing soccer. This past fall was much better and even Stacey has gotten more serious about soccer. Zachary spent all last fall out of the game with his broken arm so I am excited about seeing him back in the game! Yea, I am looking forward to the spring season!

One of the behind the scenes things that I absolutely HATE is the managing of the soccer uniforms. Last fall it started with me putting all of the socks, shirts and shorts into one of the laundry room cabinets so at least we weren't rummaging through clean/dirty clothes in each bedroom. It helped a lot last fall although it was still a little discombobulated! (did you know that word is actually in spell check...COOL!) I never really folded them and sorted them by player so we were still digging around and wasting time on soccer day!

This past weekend I got out my label maker and made a place for each players uniform and socks along with a box of extra practice socks. Oh, and I forgot that Matthew is  now playing too so he has his very own spot as well. There was even enough room to put a pile of long sleeve tops for those very cold mornings when their arms need warmth.

I even had all of the kids try on their cleats to be sure the they all fit. Woo Hoo - they do! I have my folding chair in the back of the van so I can say that we are all officially ready to take the field!

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