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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Great Trip to Goodwill

I am SO excited tonight! I was running kids around and had enough time in between two of my stops to pop into Goodwill. Dawn and I have found a possible new project for her (we will see how long the excitement continues...maybe I will be blogging about it in the near future!) I was able to find her a little something for her to start with but what I found for me made me glad I stopped in!

I always hit the craft area at Goodwill and believe me, you have to wade through a lot of brown and rusty colored packs of old latch hook yarn, out of style patterns in all sizes and itchy yarn skeins that are half unraveled. But, some days it is SO worth it! Like today!

There it was new in the package, a Morgan lap stand! I have a 7" and 10" set but there was a 5" and 7" set for $3.88! These sets in this size range anywhere from $21.00 (on a bidding site) to $39.00 new! You betcha I am excited! I love to pick up huge deals like that.

I also love to find little treasures too. Like this Holly Hobby coffee mug...I was a huge Holly Hobby fan and you just don't see much left over from her glory days. My theory is that all of us little girls who loved her wore out all of our Holly Hobby stuff. I know I used my sheets and pillow cases until they were holey! My Holly Hobby sleeping bag is still in my possession but there are so many patches on it now that there is none of the original fabric in view!

I love that not only is the mug Holly Hobby, but it also has a wonderful message that I have been trying to grasp as an adult. Now I have a good reminder when I have my cup of coffee in the morning!

Yep! It was a great trip to Goodwill today!

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